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Dry Eye Disease is a problem with the moisture and lubrication on the surface of your eyes. In the United States, dry eye affects one out of seven adults over the age of 21. The Dry Eye Institute of St. Louis is the premier dry eye treatment center. Get symptom relief today by scheduling an appointment and taking our dry eye survey.

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Dry Eye Disease Treatment

At the Dry Eye Institute of St Louis, our doctors specialize in dry eye care and treatment options to diagnose and determine a solution for you. Dry eye disease is a complex condition with many factors influencing its onset. While there is no permanent solution at this time, the symptoms can be significantly reduced with a proper treatment regime in place. In order to accomplish this, the underlying causes must be discovered and addressed to create a plan that will work specifically for you.

SureVision Eye Centers is the home of the Dry Eye Institute, where we have the specialized equipment and instruments to do the important testing you need.  Then you will be evaluated by our specialist in Dry Eye Diseases.  We will take the time to explain your specific Dry Eye condition and the best products to treat it.

We have early access to new medications and treatments because we work with the manufacturers to evaluate their products and find those that work the best. Visit our dry eye treatment center today and let us determine the best care for you!

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Our doctors specialize in dry eye diagnosis and treatment. When you visit our dry eye treatment center, you can be confident that our team will identify the root cause of your symptoms and treat it accordingly. Learn more about our friendly dry eye specialists below!

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