Cornea Disease Information

Your eyes see the world, and your cornea is the clear, front window of your eyes. To have good vision, your cornea must be clear and its surface must be optically smooth. By virtue of its shape, your cornea helps to focus your eye.

Corneal problems can take many forms and they all can affect your vision. Problems with your tears, or the way your eyelids blink to wash the surface of your cornea can leave its surface rough and irregular, so you can’t see through it clearly, or it won’t focus correctly. Injuries can leave scars that you can’t see through, or that distort the shape of your cornea. Infections can cause your cornea to ulcerate and scar. Your cornea gets cloudy when its swollen, and stretches out of shape when it’s too thin. All of these problems can lead to poor vision. The key to treatment of these problems is to quickly get an accurate diagnosis and start effective treatment as soon as possible.

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Corneal Problem Causes

Some corneal problems are hereditary and run in families. Some problems come along with other general health issues. Even the environment we live in can cause corneal problems from dust, sun exposure, chemical fumes, and other irritants.

Cornea Disease Treatment

Special instruments at SureVision Eye Centers can measure all aspects of your cornea to determine what is wrong, and what is the best way to get better corneal health and thus better vision.

We fix corneal problems many ways. You can wear a contact lens on the surface of your cornea to help better focus your eye. We can use a laser to reshape your cornea to help your eye focus better. Most commonly this is called LASIK. We can use medications to heal problems on the surface and restore your vision. We are also surgical specialists who can replace your cornea with a cornea transplant.

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