Total Eclipse 2024

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Total Eclipse of the Heart, no, I mean the Sun. BUT if you ask an eye doctor, the fear of vision loss viewing an Eclipse sparks fear in their hearts. So, after a short line or two of the 80’s hit Total Eclipse of the Heart in our heads, we go immediately into thinking how strong can I word Eclipse viewing precautions. Do I need to jump up and down, wave my arms around and shout protect yourself?

Next month, people from around the world are arriving to view the 2024 Eclipse. Dubbed the “Great North American Eclipse”, it is different for a few reasons but the main one is the Totality of the Eclipse. We aren’t due to see anything like this for forty more years. AND it’s in our backyard. Visit Where & When ( to view the path and times. Nearby cities of Carbondale, Cape Girardeau, Marion and Poplar Bluff are along the path that will allow for viewing of the total eclipse. The partial Eclipse in these cities will begin just after 12:30PM CDT with Totality beginning around 2 PM CDT.

Before we get excited about April 8th, we need to plan for safety. Get those solar filters ordered and check them! To properly test their effectiveness, stare at a light fixture or a phone. There should be no light visible through the filter. The American Astronomical Society, which partners with NASA, made a list of suppliers that make safe solar lenses and glasses. In 2017, counterfeiters used the safety standard ISO 12312-2 labeling. So, it’s important to do these safety checks yourself. When viewing the eclipse with little ones, make sure the glasses are well fitted and worn the whole time. If there is any damage to your solar fitters, we recommend discarding and purchasing new ones.

Looking directly at the sun causes Solar Maculopathy. Even when it’s being eclipsed by the Moon, the sun’s rays are blinding. The macular scars that are caused by sun viewing are dramatic and permanent. The scars are blind spots in the center of your vision and will occur in both eyes, causing near legal blindness. There is absolutely no treatment for this condition.

But with safety standards in place, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Eclipse viewers travel the world to enjoy this experience. When the moon’s path passes in between the sun and the earth, it blocks out the Sun’s disk completely for a few minutes. The sky turns dark, the stars come out, the temperature drops and the animals become confused. The outer edges called the Sun’s corona is the wispy outer atmosphere that is a million times fainter than the sun’s surface which remains hidden by the sun’s glare. During a total eclipse this stunning “crown of fire” is viewed around the dark disk of the Moon.

If you caught eclipse fever here, start making your plans. Communities are preparing with events, school closings, and traffic plans. Be safe and enjoy the beauty of Nature.


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