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Family Eye Care

When most people think of “Family Eye Care” they think about regular check-ups, glasses or contact lenses to see better, eye drops for allergies or occasional problems with pink eye.  At SureVision Eye Centers, we do that!  But that’s not what this web page is about.  This is about eye conditions that may run in your family, and what you can do to prevent developing the same problems that other people in your family may already have.

Focusing conditions typically run in families.  If your parents were both near-sighted or both far-sighted, you will be too.  So the need for glasses or contact lenses runs in some families.  But you should also know that families with near-sightedness have a family risk for glaucoma, retinal detachment, and macular disease.  Families with far-sightedness have a family risk for a special type of sudden-onset glaucoma later in life, and may have a greater risk of having a lazy eye (amblyopia) if the two eyes are not in balance.


  • Color Blindness runs in families.  This mostly involves men and there is generally nothing you can do about it.  We can test for it, and help you understand what you need to do to deal with it.  But that’s the way you are, so you have to live with it.

  • Macular Degeneration can run in families.  There are many factors that are associated with Macular Degeneration, but one of them is your DNA.  We can do a DNA test that is simple to have performed to tell you the DNA risk that runs in your family for developing macular degeneration.  There are many things that can be done for you to reduce your risk of losing vision as you age and we can help you with the most effective of those things.

  • Glaucoma is common in many families.  Glaucoma can be a scary thing to have because it can silently take your vision away as you age.  With regular exams we can prevent vision loss from glaucoma.  If any direct relative in your family has glaucoma, you should have these check-ups to watch for any similar problem with your eye.

  • Retinal Detachment can run in families.  This is most common in people who also have near-sightedness, but if anyone in your family has had a retinal detachment, you need to have a detailed examination of your retina to look for similar problems.  At SureVision Eye Centers we take digital photos with a 3-Laser camera to show you any problems with your retina and arrange for specialized care.

  • Cornea Problems commonly run in families.  Some of these can include Keratoconus that starts in adolescents and progress early in life.  Other conditions like Corneal Dystrophy can progress later in life and require corneal transplantation for treatment.  Our corneal specialist offers the finest possible treatment of corneal conditions in the Saint Louis area.


So when you think about Family Eye Care, think about your family and get your eye care at SureVision Eye Centers.  Call us to schedule your appointment today at 1-855-737-6797.