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SureVision introduces LATISSE™

What is LATISSE™?

This is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, the medical name for short, stubby eyelashes. It is used to grow eyelashes that are longer, thicker and darker.

How does it work?

Your eyelashes are different from the hair on your scalp in that they only grow a certain length and then stop. The hair on your scalp keeps growing and needs to be trimmed because it can get so long. So there is a natural mechanism that tells your eyelashes to stop growing at a certain length. LATISSE™ changes the way that mechanism controls your eyelash growth to increase the length and number of hairs that grow along your eyelid margin.

How soon will I see results?

The effect begins with daily use, but your eyelashes, as most other hair, grow slowly. The majority of users will see significant improvement in 2 months. The FDA clinical trial of LATISSE™ demonstrated its safety and effectiveness.


Unretouched photos of LATISSE™ user at baseline and at week 16:


Can anyone use LATISSE™?

While most people can use this medication, the active medication in LATISSE™ (bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution) has been used for many years in the treatment of glaucoma. It should be prescribed by an eye care specialist for people who are under treatment for glaucoma, have a history of eye pressure problems, have risk factors for glaucoma, or are on other eye medications.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effect is itching and redness that only lasts a short while and occured in about 4% of users in the FDA Clinical Trial.

How is it used?

Each night you should clean your eye carefully. Remove your contact lenses if you wear them. Using the applicators that come with LATISSE™ you apply the medication to the skin at the base of the eyelashes of your upper eyelid. That’s all there is to it.

Can I still use cosmetics?

Sure, you can use mascara and other cosmetics, but as your eyelashes grow you may find less need for the mascara.


Call SureVision to see if LATISSE™ is right for you. If you don’t need a full eye examination, our doctors can do a quick screening examination to allow you to start your treatment the same day. We will also provide you with additional important safety information that you should read and understand before starting your treatment. Also check out www.latisse.com.