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Affiliated Doctors

SureVision works with many Optometrists in the Greater St. Louis area, throughout Central Missouri and Illinois, and even as far as Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Iowa. Your local eye doctor may need our advice on a particular problem with your eye care, or may need our surgical skills to help treat your eye problems. These Optometrists work with us because of our dedication to leading-edge surgical care and our vast experience in the treatment of eye diseases, tumors, injuries, and refractive problems. We encourage you to coordinate your routine eye care in your local area, and we will work closely with your doctor to make your treatment as simple and convenient as possible.

To find a doctor near you who can provide your local eye care, perform your measurements for surgery, and help with your follow-up care after surgery, please check the directory below. You may search for a doctor in your area by his last name to see if he or she is affiliated with SureVision, or you may select a city near you to see the list of doctors there. If you don’t find your doctor listed, or do not find one in your immediate area, please call our office at 877-718-2020.

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